Be Right Back




BRBCK is the best way to get discovered and discover the World near you and never miss on what is happening near you. If you own a business and looking for a better marketing tool, increase sales and connect with customers near you? You need the BRBCK App(Be Right Back). It doesn't matter if it's Retail, Real Estate, Leasing Offices, Insurances, Law Offices, Timeshare or Restaurant. Our app technology allows you to connect with customers efficiently using our smart marketing based on geolocation and proximity, and also for customers  to find you as well.  If you are doing Social Media Marketing and Hashtags and do not see any results, well using our app allows you to reach customers within 1 mile of your business, extend your marketing posts visibility  up to 10 miles or simply select the location of your choice and share your post and get discovered.




Relationships are built based on two elements, Frequency of contact and Proximity.  BRBCK app  marketing  technology helps businesses and customers by reducing  the disconnection of likes, comments and Hashtags using our app technology which allows anyone to see what is happening near them through videos, pictures and messages. BRBCK App posts are available in 1 mile range for better connectivity, and posts can be extended up to 10 miles or simply select the location of your choice and pin your post



Own a business and want to connect with consumers near you?  Do you want to see what's happening near you? BRBCK app  technology let you see what's happening near you, from an event,  nearby insurance agent, law office, house for sale to a yard sale and you name it. For businesses  this is the best way  to get discovered, for anyone the best to discover what is happening near you.